To quote Ronan Keating – ” Life is a rollercoaster just gotta ride it ” . Yea,well Ronan, the thing is – I dont like this rollercoaster! Please, make it stop. Thanks.

I suppose the hormonies are useful and all, making you forget the pain you go through giving birth,and making you broody to want to go through it again…But really, why do we of the fairer sex need to suffer from them monthly too?

I am fed up of being on this emotional rollercoaster. I cant remember if it ever felt this bad after having Maia. Maybe its a bit circumstancial now too, its not just one baba that has needs and wants, but two. Difficult. I am putting these moodswings down now to deliberately plying myself with more, of the preventative kind. We are in no way interested in any further siblings!

I guess it doesnt help either, that Lily is more demanding than what Maia was as a small baby. We most certainly had an easy ride first time lol; and it is only now that we are truly appreciating that. We are always learning I guess,  just because we’ve got previous experience we are no experts and we are still getting to know our dear sweet little Lily. She really is a gem ❤

On a lighter note, this weekend (apart from my mood swings) is turning out to be rather pleasant.  Its great having gotten Lily into a nice evening routine, so now for the last month, both girls have been going to bed at 7pm. Heaven! mucho appreciated ladies, that mamma and daddio are gettin some alone time. Even if it is just crashing on one corner of the sofa each and staring at the idiotbox. I have actually just had to send Marko to bed as he was snoring away on the sofa bless him. I shall take advantage of this extra peaceful time by goin downstair to do the laundry. Mighty fun. Then perhaps I shall join my husband in bed as we have fun filled afternoon tomorrow, and it always pays being one step ahead when it comes to sleep.

Oh how the mighty have fallen! Being in bed before 21.30pm on a saturday evening? Who’d have thought it lol. Here’s a pic from way back in 2008, Damo’s birthday…happy drunken care free nights then! But would I want to go back? Change it? No. Not ever. Our family is our life ❤

Happy weekend guys! Hope u are all having a good one =)

❤ Kim


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