Domestication becomes me…sometimes ;)

You know, it’s amazing the difference to my mood now that Lily has been more settled! Go figure lower stress levels equals better moods. But still, I am genuinely suprised at how chirpy and pro-active I have been today lol =) Hence the second post. I just feel so chuffed with myself having made it through the day with a tidier house than when I woke up- that never happens unless my dear husband gets involved with his super fast super efficient cleaning šŸ˜‰

I have also meal planned, which some of you know was on my to do list from last week…getting proper domesticated now haha =) For dinner today, we had falukorv done in the oven with red onions,peppars, cheese, bacon and mustard with mash potato

Miss Maia was ofcourse eager to help me set the table as always, and Marko very much liked his suprise of cosy candle lit dinner after a hard days graft =)


So my flash of inspiration and energy burst has led me to come up meals for the rest of week which are:
Thursday: turkey sausage casserole done in claypot in oven (still havent pinched mothers slowcooker )
Friday: Tacos or more substantial lunch as we have been invited out for late afternoon fika
Saturday and Sunday are free days…see where fancy takes us
Monday: Lasagne
Tuesday: Chicken, baked potato and salad
Wednesday: korvstroganoff (typical swedish dish)
Thursday:Chicken Curry
Friday: Spagbol
The babas are now tucked up in bed snoozing, and hopefully Maia will sleep that little bit longer again tomorrow- we seem to be getting atleast 10mins extra in the mornings now that she isnt sleeping through the day. Poor thing,  I do feel sorry for her. Im hoping that once (if!) we can get back to a normal waking time, that we can go back to her maybe having 30/45min nap without it affecting her too much again as she really could still do with it I think. Trial and error and all that =)

I think its now about time to get tea making and enjoy some cuddles on the sofa with my one and only <3…even if it is his turn to make the brews šŸ˜‰

Hope you’re all havin a nice evening ,what ever you are up to =)
ā¤ Kim xx

2 thoughts on “Domestication becomes me…sometimes ;)

  1. Thank you for your comment! Its not easy to be a mom! Especially when everbody have comments about everything! šŸ˜¦ everything is so new and you dont know why the baby is crying.. but it feels better for me for every day!I think its great that you can give the baby formula if you cant breast feed. Its up to yourself to decide!Many hugs from Emma

  2. Hej Emma!vi kan kora med svenska, ar bara ibland nar jag kanner starkt for saker som jag tycker det ar lattare att uttrycka mig pa engelska haha šŸ™‚ haller helt med att varje dag blir battre, for vi lar kanna vara bebisar battre och blir sakrare pa oss sjalva =) Har verkar Lily's magont gatt over sa vi har haft en super bra vecka hittills…om nu bara storasyster Maia skulle ga tillbaka till normala sovrutiner skulle allt vara perfekt haha ;)kram

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