family..because two people fall in love

This little lady is a whole 3 months old today. Time flies and all that. Having fun etc. I cant seem to keep from cliched expressions nowadays. Maybe its a case of the mummybrain. Or maybe life is as cliched as it seems. I dont reallyknow lol. Sometimes I guess we find outselves living by the rule book rather than making our own.
There is a recipe for successful family living, I am sure. I’l be damned if I even knew where to start with that one? Maybe it’s as simple as 1+1=3. And that 3, morphs into 4. or even five. Maybe more, if you are so inclined 😉 Personally, our two little ladies are more than perfect for us ❤  Ofcourse, should some higher power bestow upon us another bundle of fun, then so be it. If I have my way, I am done, thank you very much. I will get a cat instead, to fulfil all my cuddling and snuggling needs. Sorted.

naaw all snuggly squishy babies…can you guess who’s who?

So lets see where we are…Lilypops had her injections on tuesday, the first lot. They are a bit different over here with their timings for having injections, and space them out a bit longer inbetween. So instead of 8,12 and 16 weeks, we have 3 months and 5months, and then Im not so sure lol. Havent got a little red book thats filled with info like last time =)
Lily now weighs 6605g /14lb 8oz, at 13 weeks. Maia at 14weeks was 5530g / 12lb 3oz. Maia was 20 weeks old when she was the same weight as Lily lol. But then I suppose, Lily was  almost a whole kilo heavier than Maia when born =)

I am rather proud, that I ave been organised enough to get Maia & Lily’s christmas presents sorted out. Everyone elses, is just a case of going to get them in town as I know what I want to get. Apart from 2. But those have to be thought of as they need to cope with and fit into suitcases and flying lol… so I  am hoping for moments of brilliance and inspiration when I am wrestling and elbowing my way through the crowds.
At the moment it is actually rather difficult getting into the christmas mood. I think we got rather spoilt with all the snow last year. Funny how after just one winter, its something I have already come to expect!

These were all taken end of november last year…now we have rain and averaging +4C. It has actually been blowing up a right storm these last few days, and the weather forecast shows possibility for snow this time next week. But even then its mixed with rain, and then getting ”warm” again, that is anything above 0C at the moment haha.

Anyway, I am off to bed now. We have had two wonderful nights wih Maia, I daren’t say we are back to normal, but here is hoping. Always pays to try and stay ahead when it comes to sleep lol. Yay for friday tomorrow!

❤ kim


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