Today, is a down day. Not because of anything in particular, other than that I need one. A nice steaming cup of tea beside me on the window sill, a sleeping baby out on the porch, and another happily playin out in the snow at förskolan. Bliss.

Yesterday we had another trip to hospital with Maia, to do yet more Xrays, this time on the soft tisue in her knee. Not that I am a doctor or anything, but surely, they ought to have seen any tissue damage when we did the ultrasounds? No? The more I thought about it last night, the more that annoyed me. But then again, I ought not to complain, as her doctor as been fantastic, going through Maia with a finecomb to make sure that nothing is missed. I cant begin to tell you how relieved we are that any diseases or illnesses have pretty much been ruled out. It was the worst 18 hours of our lives, recieving the phone call on that sunday night to ask us to come in for more blood tests first thing monday as they were suspecting leu kemia. Wouldnt wish those feelings on my worst enemy. But yea, thats dealt with now atleast. Phew.

On a lighter note, the weekend was spent being all Christmassy! Me and dear hubster cosied on up at the kitchen table, first with some improvised, homemade mulled wine, and later whisky for him and a cuppa for me. Me making tree decorations, him a santa teddy/toy for the girls.

Sunday we went Christmas marketing, which was lovely, but without the snow and with all the mud, we felt  little deflated and un-christmassy. Though felt rather pleased I picked up some moccasins for miss Maia, to have as her indoor shoes. She point blank refuses to wear socks 98% of the time, and if we get them on they dont stay on lol. Good thing that girl is mad about shoes! Lilypops got some warm toasty leather and woolen fluffy gloves as the little bugger loves sleepin with her arms up in the air when in the pram. Bless her.

Here are some pics from the christas market =)

Well I can hear Lily waking up outside, so am going to leave it here for now 🙂 Have a nice day y’all!

❤ kim


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