itchy fingers

*cough, splutter & wheeze* Welcome to sjukstugan! Where today, nothing much is happening apart from drinking lemsips,taking alvedon and having lots & lots of mys Lilsan and Maisan on the sofa. Thankfully, Maia is at nursery now unil this afternoon so that may give me a chance to perk up a bit. Maia was mucho excited that Grandad turned up today to take her there this morning!

Speaking of Maia, I am chompin at the bitt to get started on doin up her room. There’s a bookcase to sand and re paint white, some pictures to be ordered/made/hung up, bunting to be sewn and storage to be re-organised. By which, I mean putting her clothes back into the empty cupboards that are built in, and getting rid of the lovely chest of drawers. Fear not, it is only going into temporary retirement in the basement, until we have need for it else-where. We are blessed for storage in this wonderful  apartment, I just need to learn how to use it better?!

A bit of inspiration for the look I am going for. Girly, but not in your face pinkfluffyprincess, which isnt particulary mine or Maia’s style. And think about it, how blimmin brilliant isnt white interiors? You can change the mood of the room simply by changing your accessorising colour, and ANY colour is a go. Because really, beige/cream/magnolia and yellow is a bit blah, but white and yellow is fresh, invigorating and happy. Ifyougetwaddaimean.
Our bedroom is also somewhere in need of some attention. Everything was freshly painted and done up literally weeks before we moved in, and its really only me nit-picking at stuff. Like that I am wantinga bit more depth to the house rather than classic cream/beige. I think neutral is sooooo much more than beige/cream/magnolia.  There’s hues of white, grey, blue, lilacs & greens that can all lend themselves to being neutral, fine example from
So for our bedroom I am wanting something along the grey-scale, a touch of shabby chic, hint ikea, and an element of nature. I will be taking two large black and white pictures from the hall and putting them in our bedroom as I have a mini-project for the hall too….In the new year, when I am aiming for this to be done, I shall try and show you guys some before and after pics =)

I think  will also quie like to do a feature of photograph, candles and flowers above the bed, using the picture rails from Ikea, a bit like this :
But on a smaller scale, obviously. Am even toying with the idea of gettin M and K big wooden letters to have on there too. naaaw, how cheesy! ❤ I love the picture rails, infact, we are using one for our cookbooks in the kitchen and it looks rather fab, even if  I do say so myself=)

So I think thats about all for now, Lilypops is getting bored in her babygym so I best go get her and have cuddles,and not try and give her my lurgy.

❤ Kim


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