Good morning campers! Today, I am one of those annoyingly awake and proactive people. No, not the stupid tv shop product with Justin Please Jump off a Cliff Beiber as a spokesperson, but one what is wanting to get lots done, and will try and rope all and sundry into helping. Betcha glad the majority of you arent anyhwhere near here 😉

By all accounts, today should be a total write-off. Husband was out with work last night for their christmas bash, and I have no-clue when he came back this morning. All I know that his near full bottle of whiskey that went out with him, has stayed out. Presumably empty and long forgotten somewhere. So today there isn’t much I shall be asking of him, he works hard  all week then has me to deal with of an evening, so he deserves a chill out day. Mine will come in time =)

But ofcourse, what was supposed to be a nice chilled out evening with mother , baking vörtbröd and chocolate balls.,turned into an almighty battle of wills with dearest darling Maia. After the most hideous of strops, a lot of coaxing and bargain making, reasoning and restraining (to save a foot kicking at my throat and hands pulling my already suffering head of hair) I finally won, and she was asleep 22.16, a mere 3 hours later than normal. Result! And then she was awake at  4.30am. Fan-frickin-tastic. Anywhich way, this should all add up to a mentally exhausting day today, but instead I am buzzing and keen to get on and go do whatever needs to be done. I expect that by 14.00 I shall hit a wall and all this overdrive energy getting me through now will be gone. Sigh.

For those of you that arent aware ; Vörtbröd is a bread that is baked of rye and wheat flour. Traditionally eaten at Christmas, and is often seasoned with cloves, cinnamon, ginger, cardamom and raisins. And it looks a bit like this

Incase anyone is feeling like being adventurous and bringing a touch of scandinavian chic to their christmas, here’s an old family recipe of Vörtbröd =)

  • 50g yeast
  • 75g butter
  • 0.5L beer
  • 2dl sirup
  • 2tsp groundcloves
  • 1/2 tsp salt
  • 10dl ryeflour
  • 8/9 dl plain or wheat flour.

If yo are using dry yeast, it needs to be mixed in well with the flour. Good idea to do this first, just to make sure 😉
Once all ingredients are mixed together, let the dough rise for abut 45mins. Kneed out and make into two loaves. Now, I cant remember if your supposed to let it rise again for alittle while before putting it in the oven,but i dont suppose it would hurt lol. So do that 😉
Have the oven preheated to about 175-200C (again , depending on your oven) and have it in for approx 45mins. Be really fancy and crack an egg into a cup and paint the top of the bread to get that scrummy looking glistening affect like in the picture:)
Happy baking!
Well I am now off, to channel this energy into somthing more productive than tapping my fingers on this keyboard. Getting dressed would be a great place to start, but Marks hoody and tracky bottoms are just soooo comfy. Why is that? Why do man-clothes-wearing always feel so good in the morning ??
Have a nice saturday, good luck if your hitting the shops for christmas! Just so you know, I was finished last weekend. I am proud of that, so yes, I will gloat. Just a little. I still havent written my christmas cards though, and you probably have, so we are even 😉

❤ kim


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