The year that was 2011

In keeping with all that is cliche at  New Year, we too have been reminiscing about the year that has been. And like everyone else, looking to the new year that is to come, 2012. So what did we do last year?

Well January started off rather sleepy, and with lots of hideous morning sickness. Not that I thought it was morning sickness lol, but a lot of excess acid. Bleurgh. The give away came when I went off my favourite cereal, which is rather sweet. Couldnt stomach anything sweet when pregnant with Maia. So it was no great suprise, but still a shock when the little white stick showed a big fat postive.
Miss Maia took up a new hobby- dancing! A lot of time was spent bopping and jiving in the first part of 2011, and we had  many many laughs lol

February saw the arrival of our wonderful new niece, Rebecca ❤ And Charliebears naming ceremony . Other than that, it was rather quiet. A few dinners with friends, working, sleeping, sleeping, and yea, more sleeping. It’s rather tiring making a new person 😉 Did have a bit of a stressful last weekend as work was taking part in a wedding fair, and I had taken on the task to organise the day & finding the models, which was hard as everyone was dropping like flies with the flu that was doing the rounds lol.
Maia made sure to practice her driving, as she must if she is to be the first female F1 driver, that I am sure her father secretly wants her to be. With daddy and Louise’s coaching and knowledge of cars, I am sure that is not too improbable 😉
In March we celebrated our first wedding anniversary! We had a whole day and night Maia free, so we went out for dinner, saw friends and went out on a mini trip on the snowmobile with some fika.
We also had our 20 week scan and found out that I was carrying a mini of the pink variety. So now, that would make 7 girls in total for gran&grandad Wilson , out of all 7 grandkids…. Will there ever be a blue?!
April started of pretty good, we’d caught a sewing bug, and made lots of dresses for Maia, and Mark started making me a new nappy bag for when bubs arrived (which, by the way,he finshed last month lol). We bought Maia a trike, so every time we were going to the shops or to see mormor and grandad, we took the bike rather than the pram. How our litte girl was growing up!  Easter, we all ended up with a sickness bug, and by all, I mean all. Mum, dad, alex, Mark & Jamal all caught the bug that Maia started with. Bless her. So well behaved with two flaked out parents, one hugging the toilet, the other cradling a bucket…ick!
May saw the much anticipated arrival of The Boys. A week of drinking, camping and manning it up was on the agenda for Mark, Max, KK, Kenny & Chino. Needless to say the boys returned men after their wilderness experience, whitewater rafting, swimming, making fires, building shelters and a heck of a lot of driving. Manly. Oh so very manly. Ugggg!
Meanwhile, back in civilization, my nana was here the same week and me & Maia monopolised her and got in lots of quality time and fun. A proper girly week, much needed and very much enjoyed =)

June was my birthday. Obviously not the whole time, but I wouldnt have minded the special treatment 😉 Was at this point already fed up being a whale with the heatwave that was about. Talk about timing…Anyhoo. Lots of picnics! The best way to spend summer days, sat on yer backside eating good food as basking in the sun like a manatee. Cuz, y’know, in some lights they look rather like attractive women, if you ask the sailors of way back when 😉
July brought stress. Little lady living in mamma’s tummy was playing acrobat twisting and turning everywhich was she could, but not head down. The ” will she, wont she” was a hot topic of discussion, and I prepared myself for the fact that if she didnt turn, things might have finished with more intervention then I would have liked. Being the cheeky thing, she let us go as far as to need an assessment scan to really check her position as she was lying so far inwards the midwife found it hard to determine 🙂 We also took a trip out to the moosefarm! Miss Maia wasnt so keen on taking a ride on it, even tho the little baba was more than happy having people sat on him. We made the most of all the Maia time we had left, as august and the due date drew near 🙂

August, was to be THE month. The month that would change our lives, expand our family and make us into this fantastic unstoppable force, the family that could take on the world and win, because of the love we have for eachother…or something along those lines 😉 Yes, I was filled with as much misery as anticipation as the 24th drew near, that magical day. Because each day that she didnt come early, was a day longer to wait. and wait. and wait. infact, we waited a whole 7days. Our second born was destined to be a September baby ❤ Amongst all the waiting, we had bbqs, and really just made the most of the summer and time outdoors. Also celebrated our friends becoming parents for the second time to another son, coincidentally both their boys are 4 and 3 weeks older than our girls. Makes for fun and interesting times ahead lol
September started off with a lot of pain, what with being in labour lol. Read the förlossningsberättelse here on the old blog, if thatsort of thing takes your fancy =) We had Michelle and Frederik visiting at the end of September, and we were busy trying to orgnised Lily’s Christening for when Gran&Grandad were coming to visit. But really, September was all about breastfeeding, nappy changing, sleeping and adjusting to life as a foursome. Lordy, how happy we were ❤

October was another month that we couldnt wait for; the first time we would see Gran&Grandad Wilson since moving to sweden. It was an amazing week, lots of fun and catchin up to do, and I particularly enjoyed the conversations that me and dear mother-in-law had, it felt like I got to know her on a different level to before. But now, Im not just the girlfriend, I am the wife ,and mum to two of her grand-daughters. Im very grateful that both me and Mark get on with eachothers parents and families- its such shame when things fall into the stereotype regarding in-laws, it can cause so much heartache for everyone.  I am thankful everyday for everyone in my family

October started off great, and finished on high ( finding out Maia did not have leukemia) but inbetween that there was a whole load of worry and stress. Maia was admitted to hospital. Having been taking ibuprofen daily for3weeks, doctors were concerend when she developed a temperature that they couldt determine the exact cause of (no signs of cold/infections)  but her bloodtests showed very low white bloodcell count and they were wanting to investigate further into whether she might have leukemia. Things are still on-goin with regards to her knee being swollen, and we have an MRI scan on the 16th Jan, which will hopefully be able to give us some answers.
November was quiet. We were emotionally drained from hospitals, and a lot of unsettledness and crying with Lily. Miss Maia turned two, and we had a little party. I went and saw Breaking Dawn, like millions of others lol. Played outdoors lots, and the weather was finally getin chillier and more wintery. A bit of snow came, but disappeared again and came back after xmas. November was more about just being, and not over doing anything. I liked that =)

December meant Christmas! Christmas means familytime, means a chilled out mamma and everyone happy, and eating lots of food hehe.For once, I was rather quite organised with the christmas shopping and didnt have to elbow my way through the masses for any last minute things. Here’s hoping I can be as organised next year! Louise left for the UK, and now she is gone until december next year-booo! But Im sure she will be having fun on her internship hehe 😉

So, that was the year that was, for us. Should have put this up a week ago lol, but have been so busy this week I’ve struggled to find time for the blog 🙂 Normal service to resume shortly lol.

Much love to you all, here’s to a good 2012 for us all!
Love Kim, Mark, Maia & Lily xxxx


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