to ski or not to ski?

So here we are. Day 14 of 2012, and so far things are going good. Thing are cold, but then we are in the depth of winter and its to be expected really. Thankfully, the house is all toasty and warm. We’ve a really clever system which sets the temp inside by reading the temp outside first. I believe that is to be more economical, rather than say letting house get cold over night and setting the timer for it to come on say 5am or whatever. I think. Makes sense I guess, but if I am honest, I am probably still getting my head around all the new-fangled technology that abounds in a country such as this where we have some extreme temperatures come winter. Some, even view double glazing as substandard- TRIPLE is the way to go, so I am told. But whatever. My windows are double and thats fine with me lol.

I had a pleasant suprise this week on facebook. I happened upon a link onto a business page, where ( as they themselves admit) two fathers on parental leave and too much time on their hands had come up with  rather genius way of assembling what are essentially skiis onto your pram!?

Brilliant idea for when you are caught in a flash snow fall and the temp is loser to 0C than -10C (which is when you get the slushy kinda icky snow). But really, I am fascinated as to how easy and quick they are to take on/off?? If you are anything like me (that is, a bit fuzzy in the brain after kiddies ) you might just stick these fancy concoctions onto your pram and head off out on a nice easy walk and come by a shop. And thereby remembering all the little things that you need, like milk. and bread. Cereal is low too. Might as well get something for dinner whilst you are there etc etc… and I do believe that they would be rather rubbish at getting around the shops. Yes, now that you have thought about it I am sure you do too 😉

So I think I will be giving them a miss, because if I am honest, the extra effort that it takes pushing a pram around in the snow is all good when it comes to burning off those extra mummy lbs still hanging around. Also having the new zumba exhilarate should  go a long way into shifting a stone or two, if I can actually stick to doing it regular enough lol. Once Maia is in bed I am having a go. Honest, I am. I AM.

Anyhoo, ramblings over for now, need to get updating you on Marks adventures on the bottom of the sea! Until next time!

❤ kim

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