Housewife extraordinaire

“Attitude is a little thing that makes a big difference.” ~Winston Churchill
It would seem that I have finally come out of the fog. I feel like a Queen having been reinstated, after some time in exhile. A grand comparison perhaps, but then, what is a mother if not a ruler and commander of a family unit, her own personal kingdom? After all, Queens and Mothers follow similiar job-descriptions; ensure ones subjects/children are happy, well fed,  sanitation of high standard, and that individuals adhere to the laws of the land/household.  A symbol for what is good, fair, and just. Not always the most popular, but she does what she musts to protect what is hers. No?

Let me begin by telling you that today, has been an incredible day. Today I have been superwoman. I have cleaned, ironed, cooked dinner, played out in the snow, played chase, blown rasberries, and Zumba’d. I even managed a shower, and got to wash my hair at the same time. Lazy a$$ that I am, I tend to run short on time most mornings before Mark goes to work, so to NOT wash my hair bending over the bath is somewhat of a luxury these days 😉 Geezuus, the things one takes for granted before procreating …

Now that might not sound an awful lot, I know some of you will be doing all that AND working, but considering at christmas I was feelin so pants that I didnt want to do anything other than what was NEEDED, I think its pretty good. The new year has brought reflections not just to the year that was, but for the one that is in front of us, and how we want it to be. And we didnt want things to be like they were. With a little outside help and encouragement, my attitude to things has changed, and things are back to ”normal” at the Wilsons. With one exception. I am starting to enjoy housework…?!
If I am not careful, the above look shall become the norm, I will start wearing pinnafores and enjoy cooking too. Cant be having that now can we haha. But truth be told, my hair did look rather fab after being up in rollers….!

Have  good weekend y’all =)

❤ Kim


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