a week of wednesday

Every day this week, I have asked myself ”But isn’t it wednesday today? ” .
”Erm, no. ”

”Oh, ok then.”

Why I have had the feeling of wednesday I am not quite sure. I am not goint to complain though, wednesday are for me rather chilled out. Monday and Tueday have been spent working hard, and Wednesay is the day to step back, look at where the week is going, and plan plan plan for thursday and friday to make sure weekend is spent in the most optimal way. Actually, my ”plan plan plan” is to work like a maid back in 1910-20’s, and be as efficient as possible Monday, Tuesday and Thursday.
In Sweden the weekend starts when your alarm goes off on friday morning.

Now I feel I must point out that yes we do have a normal working week here too, that is monday-friday, much like the rest of the world. The difference being that there is a special feel to friday here unlike in the UK. Fredags-mys, is the top of the agenda for 99.9% of the population, especially those in the family way. I remember myself, fridays ment Disney Hour (think an hour of Disney Junior once a week on the BBC/ITV)  and Fort Boyard with popcorn or crisps. If we had been really good, we would get both.

Another quirk of the vikings is Lördags godis, literally translated as saturday sweets. This tradition of only getting sweets on saturday is a widely accepted way of life for children, and its almost like a rites-of-passage when you get to the age where you are able to go the the shop by yourself to buy godis. The pride you have when you plonk the most treasured and longed for colourful bag on the check out, is immense. Something to be experienced to be truly appreciated haha.

With all the fika & godis that is consumed by the Swedes, it would be fair to assume that they are raher fat. But alas, no, they live up to the stereotype of being fit and healthy and living life.

They may not all be gold members at the local gym, have a state of the art home gym, and go pounding the streets for fun, but in general people will walk when possible, and children from a young age have a different view on being outdoors and always on the move.
They have a different appreciation to being outdoors, and are taught about it in a way that children in the Uk are not. That’s what you get for having a relativley small population compared to the size of the country I guess.

There are just 1.4 million people more in the WHOLE of Sweden than the population of LONDON alone.

Sweden  9,088,728 population (2011) – Country Area: 449,965 sq km
UK        62,698,362 population (2011) – Country Area: 244,140 sq km

London – population 7,744,942 (2010)

Chew on that one, this saturday morning lol.

Happy weekend everyone! We’re chilling out with dinner guests this afternoon and so far nothing planned for tomorrow =)

Have a good ‘un!

❤ Kim


UK – 62,698,362 population (2011) – Country Area: 244,140 sq km
spacerCapital city: London – population 7,744,942 (2010)


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