This morning we embarked on the next stage in the quest to find what ails our dear first born. She’s a little trooper, is our Maia.

The MRI scan showed nothing. Great! …but, ah right, yea..hmm. Back to square one we go. After a lot of consulting, delibarating and head scratching, several doctors involved with Maia’s case all agree that the swelling has been hanging around for too long to simply be put down to the fluid being a result of bruising. We are now being sent to a super duper specialist and an Optholomist to check the back of Maia’s eyes for signs such as swellings that are common with juvenile arthritic conditions. So today we had more bloods taken as per order from the Specialist and spent 45mins sat in the loo at the doctors trying to get a urine sample from little miss. Something that could easily have been done over the weekend if we had known it was needed…but hey ho. Why make things easy lol.

 Wednesday sees me going back to work, one day a week, and Marko taking paternity leave. Gotta love the swedish system. It will be nice for him and the girls to have some time without mamma hanging around and butting in, and I think once spring and summer arrives they are going to have endless hours of fun at the beach and the park. I even have grand visions of cosy picnics being brought to work for lunch dates lol. Optimistic much?

But now I really ought to crack on and clean up after our waffle lunch…it made for rather messy cooking when little people want to be all grown up and help out. Gotta love ’em!



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