master plan

Its astounding, the sheer brilliance of the sometimes  more childish ideas that I have. Even if I do say so myself. First of all, it is not just me that thinks it brilliant, but all that it involves. That is what makes it brilliant.Obvisously.

“Oooooh, this sounds interesting..” I hear you think. It isnt really. Its just a simple, if some what selfish (and selfless) idea. Camilla and Linda and kiddies (kiddies means sambos, en anglais boyfriends, too btw) and we were discussing sleeping. The all important hot topic of discussion whether your child is two days or 2 years. For some, sleep, is an ever evasive thing of the past, a much desired gem in the middle of the crown of parenthood, and nothing quite says success like a bairn sleeping soundly 12 hours a night.

For many weeks, MANY weeks, this is how Lily would sleep through the day. Layed up on my knees all wrapped up. Cosy cosy snug snug. Didums. Now, I still get her to fall asleep in the same position, but then I am actually able to carry her into the bedroom and put her into her cot. Hurrah! Just call me super-mamma! We never had sleeping issues with Maia as a baby, even when newborn. She much prefered her own space, and would settle herself to sleep. We could put her down in her cot and she would go to sleep, nap times and bedtime. We (read I) have been trying steadily to get Lily out of either the habit of rocking to sleep on my knees or sucking on my little finger. She still refuses a dummy and gets more than a little peeved whenever I try. Dammit, I dont give up easy, but now it just seems silly trying. Anyhoo, this evening she actually fell asleep herself after being put down into cot without rocking or finger sucking and there wasnt even any crying. Three cheers for me- Hipphipp hoo…oh ok then. Too much.

Now back to the stroke of genius. Linda’s youngest is very much a snuggly baby and seeks comfort with mamma through the night rather than food. This as most of us will know, is a rather hard pattern to break, and when its silly o’clock in the night, we all do what we have to in order to get as much sleep as possible. Especially when poor Daddy has to get up to work and big brother/sister needs their sleep too. Sigh.
So, we are going to have a girly weekend, a big sleep over like the ones we had in our tweens! Linda, Camilla and I, along with Elias and Lily are going to hole ourselves up on friday night, armed with crisps, dip and sweets. Cook a nice dinner, drink some nice grown up drinks, do face mask or two and watch all the chick flicks we could want. Its heartbreaking listening to your baby cry when its being denied the comfort to get back to sleep, so me and Camilla plan to be the support system that dads sometimes struggle with, as we’ve been hardened in a way menfolk have not when it comes to the squeals of little ones. If we hadnt, we’d never survive our maternity leave, never mind having more than one baby?!  The big children and boys are to be making their own entertainment and having some quality time. I imagine it will be much the same but more beer, whisky and  gore in the films.

Hopefully, over two nights we can get a bit closer to problem solving and let Linda have some sleep. Its hard to appreciate the demands of breastfeeding for almost 6 months when at most I only managed 6 weeks. And I have been fortunate that both girls are good sleepers. Thank you higher powers that be. Broken sleep and an adorable little munchkin who hasnt an easy time at all settling without being on mummy must be hard.

Not like we need an excuse to revert back to good old girly ways, but I guess thats as good as any if you need one. See, I told you it wasnt THAT interesting 😉


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