call me mrs motivator!

Today, I have painfully and utterly rubbishly ”excercised”
Some weeks ago, mother and I ( well I was there with her) snapped up a bargain crosstrainer for the kingly sum of £20. Ching ching! Now far be it for me to go criticising the sorry state this poor machine is in. After not seeing the inside of a gym for 4 years and having used two pregnancies as perfectly plausible reasons to be a bit more rounded, I’m most definately not in the happy gym bunnies and well fitting jeans club. But, I’d be suprised if this relic is actually younger than I. hehe. Did crosstrainers even exist in the 80s?? I might google that one later…

Anyhoo, painful and rubbish. About a month ago I managed 15mins before spluttering and struggling to bre  athe. Perhaps easing myself g-e-n-t-l-y into the work out would have been the best bet, but I went hell for leather from the word ”eugh”. ”GO” is still far too optimistic for my state of mind when it comes to excercising.

This said, you have to start somewhere, and I believe I am like a car – that a good old jump start will better get me on the way, than some namby pamby half assed attempt at running whilst holding the wheel and your friend pushing the back. Maybe a VW beetle, of the vintage variety. Yea, that’s what I am. What car are you??

Ok, so all joking aside, I am gettin into this now. All the walking and general housewifeyness has helped to shed the baby weight, but I’d be happy to see another stone/6kgs to go. At the mo, I am pre Maia pregnancy, bang on same. I guess its more of a toning and shaping issue than weight issue, and this time Im measuring and keeping track of cms lost around bum/tum/thighs. The rest Im not bothered about. Just the usuals 😉

Currently we are at:
Thigh 66cm
Hips 102cm
Tummy 97cm                                          Now the only problem is sticking with it… 😉

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