Who says Romance is dead??

Me!! I do, I do!

Well,at least this St. Valentine’s Day. There wasnt a card bought or made, no delicous, tenderly baked cake. Not even a whiff of flowers, or chocolates for that matter. Nothing.

Ok, ”nothing’ exaggerates it slightly. Hubster cooked dinner, kiddies went to bed, and we curled up on the sofa each with a giant bowl if icecream topped with strawberries, bananas, sprinkles and nougat sauce. Sounds rather fab and cosy, but nothing out of the ordinary. Maybe we splurged on all the icecream toppings, but that isnt an unusual event at our place lol.

Anyhoo, something in the dinner or the dessert didnt agree with me.at.all. So, dear friends, a sleepless night was had, but not of the sort you would associate with Valentines. Today I am perkier, I’ve had a shower, Im actually wearing clothes, and my new hair is coiffed. And to top it all off, my long awaited parcel has arrived at the post office and is ready for collection. Ooooh and I bought a great pair of shoes the other day and I have another pair in my sights for tomorrow. Now all I need is for the blasted snow to start thawing and Spring to arrive and I can enjoy all my new purchases hehe. God it was an age since I last bought shoes! Yay for self indulgence I say 😉


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