Daddy Wilson has turned into Mr Adventure since our move. He’s a rather fortunate chappy, leaving behind a monotomous delivery job, his doorman’s job and all end of rubbish from previous rubbish employers. And he only has the ONE job now. Not two. Happy days!

The big pull for Sweden was the chance to do something different, to change our lives and get out of the rut we found ourselves in the UK.  My hairdressing job for one, offers all but double back what it was in the UK, and childcare, well, we pay ten times LESS than what we would have paid in Devon. And if I dare be as bold as to say, if I look at that the difference between nursery here and in UK, being here is going to have a more positive affect on our girls. For instance, do you know of any nurseries that would take the kids to the beach? Sledging? Iceskating? Picnics in the woods with a REAL fire to have hot dogs….?

Back to Mr Wilson then. Since coming here he has been on business trips to Riga, and sampled Latvian outdoor adventure life. He has become a Whitewater Rafting Guide. Gotten his snowmobile licence and done tours, a bit of dog-sledging thrown in for good fun. All the while getting paid. I’d be lying if I said I wasnt jealous!
Most recently, he assisted with some divers here working on the docks local to us, and at the end of the week he got to have a go with all the gear, and spent about an hour wandering the Baltic seabed under a sheet of ice. Pretty darned cool.


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