busy little bees

I am shattered. This day has by far been one of the busiest in a long while, like I’ve been making up for the lost days of illness last week.
It all went rather wrong before I even woke up. Dear hubster didnt get up when his alarm went off, which meant he couldnt wake me at 5.30am to shower and get ready before waking the girls. You see, we had an appointment at the hospital at 7.45am to check Maia’s eyes, something we have to do now every 3 months until she is 14 I think. By the time I was woken up, it was just past 6am, and bejeezus, I had an hour to shower and get myself ready, wake and feed and dress two girls and be outside warming the car and scraping the ice from the windscreen.  And flippin’ heck, I only went and done it plus an extra 10mins!? If the doors werent jammed shut, I recon I’d have had it in the bag. Superwoman that I am (for today only)

After the hospital, and thanks to my new found ability to drive on snow (last year I didnt drive between Oct-April) our darlings and I went a-visiting Linda, Adrian and Elias =) Cue several hours of organised chaos, with lunch, cars, running around and baking. At one point, Lily & Elias were sleeping and Maia & Adrian were chillin out on Linda’s bed watchin the Lion King and we got to sink into the sofa, each with a well deserved cuppa. Amazing. Two 2 year olds, and two 6months, and we had a cuppa in peace? Whoah, talk about accomplished 😉

 Would you believe me, if I then told you we actually managed a tantrum free trip to supermarket with 3kids in one trolley? Y’know, whilst the goin’s good, just keep at it- or however it goes lol. Now, it is far past my bedtime, if it wasnt for the 2large Ikea bags of ironing that I also did, I’d be happily snoozin already. Well, that is enough domesticating and superwomaning it until March I think. How can people live their lives like it??


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