After 2.5 weeks I finally feel I am able to *finally* give a verdict on my new hair style…

Despite my occupation, I am one of those who is strangely attatched to ones hair. I dont tend to be extravagant and daring, but err on the side of caution and natural. But then, as a proffesional, that is MY take on hair. Hair to me, should be optimised and looked after, ”naturally” enhanced to be its best and suit my clients wants, needs and expectations. Ofcourse, funky avante-garde hair is equally as fun, but me being who I am, a little but hippy, down to earth and liking things that are as natural as possible, its no real suprise that this reflects in my philosophy on hair.

So, the verdict is <drumroll>…….. GOOD. It still ends up shoved into a pony tail, which I wanted to come away from, but it feels darned good having those poor lengths chopped and hair feeling healthy again. Problem with hair like mine that has been around a while, is that all the damage means that once I go back to being dark the colour has trouble staying put lol. Not a good look, when its not the effect you want….

like u can see, hair is different colours and its most certainly NOT the intention lol.

I cant quite believe it is friday today already, the week has just flown by! Today we’re free to do whatever as all housework has been caugh up on the last few days, hence the silence lol. Also, very mucho excited to find out what the new Swedish little Prinsessa is called, an official announcement at lunch apparently. Who knew I was such a Royalist? I was made up yesterday when I found out, feel all proud and excited lol, much like I did when Wills & Kate got married.. =)


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