friday feelin

Today has been a total chill out- and rather unexpectedly so. The plan was to head to BusPlaneten at Strömpilen and meet some mums for a gossip and play sess, but Lilsan is feelin the effects of her jabs yesterday and is running a temp, bless her. So, what did we do instead? Buy a sofa!

What the..!? How did that happen?? Well, it is much needed, cant even say this one is on its last legs as they fell off a couple of months ago! Ooooh I cant wait until we move to the flat above, new sofa, new balcony done and spending lazy summer evenings lapping up the 24 hour light and drinking some rose 😉 One dreams of such times now we have had some tantalisingly warm weather, 6 degrees above freezing would you believe. Crack out the flipflops.

TweedleDum & TweedleDee have been a dream today. Lily has been chattering away like a nutter, all “aaaaah babababoohhh” and “aaaaaiiiiiiiiiiaaaaaaaahhhoh!” -ing, like she is having the most enthralling conversation. And maybe she is. I dont speak baby THAT well 😉 Even though the jealousy pops up now and then, Maia is incredibly loving and caring towards her little sister. She always want Lily to join in whatever she is doing, or she comes and joins Lily playing on her mat. Makes it easy to snap my beauties together without too much troube haha. I bet they will hate me always wanting to take their pic when they hit their tweens lol. Note that the following photo may be offensive to those of a more sensitive  nature and who think that dressing siblings similar is a crime. Its not. Its cute. And practical 😉

In the typical Wilson friday tradition, children are asleep, and mamma & daddy are half asleep or already snoring on the sofa. No fredagsmys here with sweets and good tv haha, though hubster might argue that tv is indeed good…because he chooses what to watch.

Who rules the remote at you place?


3 thoughts on “friday feelin

  1. Ha.. I rule the remote..only other posibility would be Howard..and the only way he would have control is if he somehow managed to munch his way through it and leave me without it. (Howard is of course brother to Vince,do you remember the Bunnies that Brad bough for Kerrie that had to be separated) so until I manage to snare me another Mr… the remotes is mine all mine lol. very cute pics 🙂

  2. Don't worry, Mum dressed me and Jen in the same stuff, and there was FOUR YEARS between us! So I think you're fine …. =) And they look gorgeous! So who cares =) Kisses! xxxxxxxx

  3. Debbie: best make sure that hutch is well and truly shut at night…stranger things have happened ;)Lou: thanks me lover 😉 sorry havent spokn to u in ages-been bit mad here,catch u 2mrw maybe onskype? Hope Munchen is nice and spring like!

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