early start

A 5am head start does not exatly inspire me to be more efficient. Quite the contrary.

This last week or so, bedtime with Maia has become somewhat of an issue. She just.does.not.want.to.go. VERY unusual for her! Normally, we can just carry her through to her room, put her in bed, tuck her in, kiss on the head and leave. 12hour snooze. Fab.

But alas, nay! No more 7-7 😦 Saying that, she hasnt slept til 7am bar a few occasions since the summer, but at least she has been getting 10+hours a night which we cant moan about, especially since bedtime has been so ”easy”. Now these 5am starts are the norm. Luxury is 6am lol. No sooner do we get a chance to relax and start enjoying our evenings again now that Lily has the same routine etc at night as Maia (so both in bed at 7) that something comes and bites us on the a$$. So at the minute, we are putting back Maia’s bedtime by half an hour and having quality time just us 3 once Lily is in bed. Maybe its us being too optimistic to expect them to go down at the same time at the moment given their age difference?? We wont even go into the battle of  getting Maia down for a daytime nap, and I am sad to say I think that luxury has disappeared for this mamma. Sigh.

Anyways, to make a special thing of it, last night we snuggled down to watch the Lion King when Lily was asleep. I had forgotten how good Disney is! When the girls get a bit older, I would really like for us to have friday/saturday night as a movie night, where they get to choose what to watch and stay up later. Oh yes friends, I am already planning ahead for all the mys on our brandspanking new sofa, with a double divan for extra super duper cosying up an snugglingMy, sorry OUR,  first ever  NEW sofa! Im in love already haha.


Do you guys do/look forward to doing special things with your kids when they are older? If so, what?


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