the day after the night before

Today started off with a shock. A pleasant one, but still a shock. I woke up and Mark was laying next to me!


After our cancelled anniversary date on tuesday, we went out last night instead. And rather than the parents sitting over at ours minding the girls, they got to have a sleep over! Its been a rather intense 3weeks where both are sleeping worse than crap and by the time one drops back off, t’other wakes up….you can imagine, what awesome fun we are having. NOT.  The thing that makes it so unusual for me to wake up next to my beloved is that  Maia seems to time it impeccably to about half hour or so before Marks alarm is due to go off , so therefore he just gets up with her and starts the day earlier. Bless.

The chilled out start to the day really did set the tone . After picking up dear offspring from mothers, and after some lunch and finger painting, the girls and I met mother and Skyedog for a walk to the shops. And much to my surprise, on the walk back, I didnt end up with just one sleeping child- but two!

with the babas sleeping..

.. mamma grabs best chair she could find..

…and settles down to a lovely view and warm bit of sun…

..spends some time watching Josh and Kieron working..

…and then make Mark snap me sunbathing, just for the blog, because Im so cool πŸ˜‰

So that is what we have been doing this afternoon, enjoying the outdoors. We even had an unexpected visitor, a very sweet and lovely older lady who Mark did some work for in her garden during the summer. She brought me tulips and some homemade apple-cinnamon cake, and a little tin with a cartoon bobby standing guard outside Downing Street for Maia to have, and inside was 10kr (Β£1) each for Maia & Lily to put in their piggybanks πŸ™‚

Anyhoo,Im now going to make some hot chocolate with whipped cream and snuggle into sofa. I suspect it wont be long til bedtime haha.

Happy weekend!


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