indecisiveness on a monday

Good morning world!

If you were at home with the Wilsons this very moment, you would be struck by the calmness that has enveloped us this morning. Maia slept until 6.20am and came dozily, but smiling out of her bedroom, rather than waking up screaming and being unconsolabe for the first 20mins or so. Litttle sister however made morning at 5.40am. But I guess thats the best we’ve had in a long while, and where I had some alone time with Maia yesterday morning, me and Lily had snuggles in bed before getting up.

Daddybear was already up and getting ready for the day ahead, and sadly realising that he actually starts a little later today lol. Its hard keeping track of time and the days when you enter the realms of sleep deprivation haha.

Eugh…it is gonna be a hard slog now until we leave for f√∂rskolan, miss L is ready to go back down for a nap, so I guess I am going to have try getting her to drop off in the pram to save the hassle of waking the poor bugger up. Dya know, we are actually planning on going to playgroup today. Shock horror.  To be hones, I would rather stay in and bake some bread –  a bit of savoury wouldnt go amiss after yesterdays sugarfest lol. Mmmm delicous warm bread when Mark comes home for lunch! But then, its only 1.5hours of my time at group?? Decisions, decisions!?

How often did/do you go baby groups? Was there a difference between your first & other children?


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