normal service…

…to resume shortly when children re learn what sleep is and mamma & daddy get to catch up on theirs. and the housework. and, and and and zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Mini Update:

  • Computer almost completely dead. Wedged power lead at odd angle to keep laptop runnnin, but failing to actually charge. Almost as annoying as the  little sleep. Almost.
  • Maia had cortisone injections yesterday- all went great, hardest bit is keeping her from being over active for 48 hours. Try doin that when she finally feels like she can move normally. Incredible how differently she moves now, and much more fluidly. Poor baba suffering for so long 😦
  • Lily is practicing gettin up on her knees, not long off crawling I recon.

Yea, lots happening at Casa Wilson, or not. Dinner needs getting on with now and Lily is due some food too.

Five minutes go way to quick when they belong to just me. Wouldnt you mothers out there agree?


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