out with the old, in with the new

Here’s the latest edition to the Wilson household – an XL sofa! hehe. As you can see, the old one was rather scabby looking come the end. The covers were ill fitting and split at the seams, and we tried patching up, and covering with throws to make it better. But throws arent exactly childfriendly, it looks scruffy the second u sit down and the springs/slats at the bottom were gone.

Now I am just awaiting a new coffee table, same colour but smaller square size to fit in better. Actually wanted  round one, but I cant have it all. It wont mak a difference to life really but it would have been nice…;) Numbero Uno on list of things to do- sew new cushion covers suitable for spring/summer. Flowery, feminine, cosy and inviting colours/patterns I have in mind – to go with the new decor when we get round to moving upstairs to the flat above; hopefully by mid April so we can get organised before sister in law and brood arrive =) I CANNOT WAIT!!


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