first time injections

Ok, apologies for the tardiness with the update on how things went on wednesday – this lack of sleep for 5 weeks is seriously starting to mess with me head! Never have we slept so badly, not even when M&L were newborns…
Anyhoo. Wednesday – finally time for injections!
Like before the MRI, I was a bag of nerves again, not for the unknown of what it actually would be like seeing Maia being put to sleep, but because I knew how horrible it was feeling her body go all limp and floppy. In those sort of circumstances I am most definately a pessimsist, and I cant stop myself thinking about the worst possible outcomes. The phrase ”your own worst enemy” comes to mind.

In true Maia fashion- it was a piece of cake. She loved the fuss of sitting in the hospital bed being wheeled around like a princess, and was slightly awed at the Mumin murial on the wall in the room we were in. What was really nice, was that we ended up with the same anaesthatist nurse as last time. She remembered Maia from before and I felt well chuffed when she told to doctor how incredibly great she was last time! It never fails to melt my heart when someone talks about Maia in a good way ❤
Putting her to sleep was as easy as last time, no fussing, and fully accepting of the mask going on her face. Once she was out and we’d put her on the bed (she was sat in my lap) , Mark and I went to sit just outside the room where the waiting area was. My ever fantastic husband had made us  flask of tea and yummy cheese,pepper and pesto sarnies for fika, and a mere 30mins later, Maia was wheeled out ready to head for recovery ward and she’d already starting to wake up which was nice.
Once up on the ward and fully awake, she got an icelolly, and scoffed some biccies, and an hour from waking, we were on our way home, and then it was off to work for me =)

There is already a massive improvement in her movements, but her knee still cant quite stretch out straight. In time,like the next week or so, it should be able to, and hopefully we dont have to have too many injections and things can be managed more with medication. She’s allowed a maximum of four  injections to each joint per year before it becomes detrimental to her. Maia is now covered in bruises from all the leaping and rolling and running she’s been doing- even though we were in strict orders to keep her as still as possible until friday haha. THAT was the hardest part!


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