I love taking photos of the girls. I love sharing them with people, and yes, I love getting likes on facebook for my pictures. Because I am so goddamned proud of my daughters and when other people ”like” them it makes me even more proud! Who would disagree?

Miss M is showing a keen interest in wanting to snap away herself, but I guess at her age it’s just imitation. It’s something I’ll be sure to encourage at least, and she as our old camera to take pictures on and she’s actually rather careful with it, unlike most of her other toys lol. My ickle chicken ❤

Anyhoo, best get off and start getting ready, we’re off to the Watt’ses for St Paddy’s Day, and Im already thinkin about co-ordinating us all in green, sad I know. But hey, life’s for living and laughing 😉


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