What a fabulous start to the week! Finally, I am able to sit, take time to think, and have a cuppa tea. Let me list the things that have so far gone against me today ;

  • Both girls waking up several times through the night
  • Lily’s pooey nappy leaking through onto me in MY bed
  • Discussions with hubster over who is the most tired
  • Maia swallows glass pebble
  • On the phone to 1177 (NHS direct but for swe) Lily poops on me AGAIN
  • No nursery for Maia
  • Call doctors as 1177 were a bit crap
  • Get sent to A&E

Rather busy morning, until 12noon when we left A&E. It was precautionary trip as they were wanting to check that the glass pebble hadnt lodged itself stuck somewhere, but as Maia had eaten since and not been sick or shown anything to suspect pain/suffering we were allowed home without having the xray, and for it to pass on its own accord haha. Poor bugger, but that’ll teach her hopefully.

Today is also a sad day,its the funeral of an old friend very sadly passed away on our wedding anniversary. I have lit a candle in his memory, and I will be having my own moment of reflection and rememberance. Friends arent necessarily the persons we say every day, or every year. There are many who can be on the fringes of your life, but you know that they are there for you when ever you may need them.

God bless you Paul, and may you rest in peace.


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