a thing called sleep

This whole sleep thing, or lack thereof, is really starting to get to me now. Its no longer a case of going into overdrive to get through the day, but more like running on the fumes.

I crash and burn once bedtime is done. I go to bed at 8pm. There are so many practical things I want to get done in the evenings, nevermind anything that is fun, or a bit of me time. Bedtime routines are back to normal. Its the blimming waking up through the night with them both, often several times and all the tantrum and frustration that ensues, that is slowly but surely driving me insane. I struggle to remember things, worse than when I was pregnant! Some morning we are up just gone 3am with  Maia. And she does not then sleep until bedtime. Usually its 4am. Is 9 hours sleep enough for 2 year old?? Doesnt feel like it, if I am honest.

Right now, I am in heaven. After an hour of struggling to get Maia to settle to sleep as she really was EXTREMELY tired today, she is asleep. And Lily. And they have been for an hour now. Expecting them up any sec really so maybe I’ll have to finish this piece tonight….I was only able to take this hour long battle as my uncle and Mark were here to see to Lily. Otherwise Id have grown an extra limb in the shape of Maia, who with her sobbing, whining, feeling sorry for herself over tiredness, only wants to be on mamma. Poor Lily, I feel like I am not giving her anwhere near the attention she needs right now, as its not just the tiredness with Maia and me, but also the typical terrible twos we do battle with. Oh dear. Having kids really isnt all rosy and fluff fluff.

Lily is another nut to crack. She now sleeps fab during the day – twice a day for 1-2hours. Lush. Yet, since we started weaning she has begun to wake up through the night and after 2 weeks of trying various things and many sleepless nights, the only thing we have found that settles her is her bottle of milk. In my mind, she can impossibly be hungry. How did she manage to sleep 11/12hours a night on just 4 bottles formula a day? Now she has breakfast & bottle, lunch plus yoghurt, 1/2 bottle as snack, dinner, then bottle and porridge before bed. Any suggestions please please let us know lol.

Today is day ??? in this zombie like state. We’ve been like this since the end of january. Every few days I hear the sound of another screw coming loose and dropping to the floor. How I am still holding it together I dont know. Its so frustrating,especially with Maia, as she was always such an exemplary sleeper, from day 1. I shall comfot myself with the fact that this is just a phase will soon pass, but by then we shall be in the height of summer and the 24hour day light which I am slightly suspicious of and may well again cause sleep problems haha. Round and around the cicle we go, hey ho hey ho hey ho!

Anyways, I am now gonna enjoy this cuppa before my lovelies awaken. I am feeling better for writing it down and getting it out of my system lol. And y’know what- Mark is cooking dinner tonight so there is no more work for me to do at home so I can just enjoy my time with the pretties =)


2 thoughts on “a thing called sleep

  1. Amy

    Kim…lily may be sleeping too long in day?!! Try cutting her 2 naps down to one longer one at lunchtime..might be worth a try. I know day time naps are nice for mummies and I miss them lots….but….you need our night time sleep more.xx


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