cough sniffle sniffle

Sickness bugs, colds and fever, sleepless nights and a near death laptop makes for rubbish blogging. Throw into the mix children feeling the same, and a husband who has a lot of work on, and it leaves you with me, the shattered, shivering and snivelling mamma.

It feels like icy tingles working from inside my bones and out, like my pores have been frost bitten, and my feet replaced by lumps of ice. But my head, it is slowly melting, my brain is falling out of my nose and the beads of  sweat n my brow give me a not so pleasant glow to my complexion. But my actual mind, is goin nuts. There is so much it throws at me, ideas and inspiration of so many things I want done as of yesterday, and the frustration of not being able to do anything it almost worse than the inside-out-shivers. Brrrrrrrrr!!

Suprisingly though, I have troopered on. Not blowing my own trumpet (gotta find the damned thing first) but I am more than a little suprised at the determination I have had to not let it beat me. My guess is, that if I had let it beat me, maybe I’d be passed this now. Should have rested when I could and now I am paying for it. But hey, I can rest when I am old, whithered and grey 😉


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