Maias new shoes

These little beauties fell into my shopping bag on tuesday. Now that the snow is melting, and the smell of spring is in the air, Maia needs something other than her winter boots to stomp around in. We even were as organised as to get her a new pair of wellies at the same time. I had to be careful mind, that madam certainly has a thing for shoes just like her mamma hehe. Lily is still waiting for her first pair of shoes, bless her. But once the weather is more child friendly, and Lily big enough to get out of the pram and have a play around herself I will be hot trotting it to the nearest shoe shop – fear not! No daughter of mine will EVER be without footwear 😉

For all the smell of spring that abounds, it has actually snowed a little tonight. But, it hasnt really settled, and its only due to be cold again over the weekend. Amazing, right now, anything hovering around the 5C and up mark I am considering warm. And I say its ”cold” over the weekend, but its around 0C. Quite balmy infact. We did have -30C not THAT long ago…

Well tomorrow, it is friday again. This week spent in my sick bed and Mark ill last weekend, is making me anxious to get some socialising in this weekend. Social withdrawal symptoms. Good thing then, that we have a fika/dinner and loppis visit planned for sunday, and saturday is a girly day with Camilla, Linda & the kids as our other halves are working. Fair trade to me 😉


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