bargains galore

Oooh I am on a roll it seems! Not just new shoes at the Wilson house, but new scooters, carseats, glass jars and pretty pink bowls. Bye Bye hard earned overtime money, see ya!!

Maia’s scooter, gender neutral and all that. Would have had a purple tho as she loves the colour!

Lily’s new car seat. Having forward facing car seat big NO NO until child 4 minimum. Safety conscious swedes.

I am impressed at my ability to stumble upon bargains at the moment. First Maia’s shoes, and then today, the car seat and scooter. Scooter was half price and Carseat less than! Thank you Barnens Hus for moving yourselves to a new larger store and celebrating it by giving great deals to your customers. I like you now, I didnt before. You had a horrible pokey disorganised shop. This new one is great and your service is better, as the staff were very kind helping me with a spare part for pram wheel last weekend. They actually went back to the old unit to get it for me. Customer Service or what!

Anyhoo, time to get tidying up. In keeping with fredags mys tradition, we had tacos for dinner and ma&pa and brother came over. Tomorrow is busy and sunday too, with people coming over so it must look somewhat decent 😉  Happy friday y’all!


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