I am fed up and frustrated today. If only I lived closer to Gothenburg or Stockholm. It would be so much cheaper to go back and see family and friends. Almost half price! Disgusting really. I am desperate to have a proper chat and a cuppa with Amy! D*E*S*P*E*R*A*T*E.  Its hard to find good friends, and when you do, its even harder being so far away. You see, this girl is one of those rare hidden gems.  For instance, four days after giving birth to her second child, she had taken over and organised my hen night that was a mere two weeks away, phoning all the relevant people and organising venues food and decorations as well as my soon to be sister in laws.  Something that my so called friend and maid of honour was supposed to have done in the 9months since I asked her, but she was still peeved I didnt want a spa weekend and go away and leave an 8 week old Maia.. To this day, I havent spoken to her since the 8th of Feb 2010. I could go into alot of details why but I wont. The funniest thing tho was when 3months later, another friend bumped into the ex bridesmaid at the Doctors surgery and she claimed she had been too busy with work to attend the wedding or the hen night. Yea.Right! lol Im glad I can laugh now 😉

out on my hennight! poor quality photo mind lol.
Today is also one of those days where my darling little angels are trying me. The terrible twos just get more terrible, and its unbearable having a grumpy toddler sometimes haha. At least the day started lovely with Maia tip toeing into our room, first saying good morning to a sleeping Lily, then waking me up stroking my face =) I can take tantrums for those moments. Just not today! Today is being put down as one of those that best end quickly and quietly and never be thought of again. 

Loppis tomorrow, bargain hunting never fails to put be in a good mood. Oh great, Lily just wee’d on me……..


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