lazy lunch

It is not everyday we get to eat lunch together. More practical for me, Maia&Lily to eat at the same time in keepin with the routine and Mark just munches what ever left overs are in the freezer when ever his lunch break happens to fall timewise. But today, after a really stressy moody morning on my part, the three older Wilsons ate lunch together. Yummy! I have to say, brie and lingonberry is just the same as if it was cranberry. Deliciously moreish.

Now I really have to have a clean up before its time to do dinner. There seems to have been an explosion of stuff everywhere. It doesn’t help that we have a rocking cot and our old coffee table out in the hall waiting to be removed and stored elsewhere, oh and a car seat that now has no use. And the pram(normally lives just outside the door in the stairhall) Things seem to gravitate and hang of these items like flies to sh!t. I DO NOT WANT TO DO HOUSEWORK TODAY. no no no no no no no no no no no no no NO!!

Notice how I have the time to touch up photos (even if it literally does take just a few mins) rather than actually get cracking. Damned those lazy parasites that have dug themselves even deeper into me today. And you know what, I cant even blame anyone else for the mess. No children or husband related things strewn about, just plain old lazy mamma today. Bugger.


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