Thought I’d show you what I got at loppis on sunday – four candle sticks and a bowl =) The two taller ones are now on the coffee table and the littler ones are in out bedroom. The bowl is still standing next to the easter decs, because I actually quite like it there haha. It makes the bookcase look a bit more part of the house, rather than the empty shell bereft of use until we move. And I am glad to say that move we will, in only a matter of weeks! In true form, this bankholiday will be spent doing a bit of DIY, choosing paints/wallpaper for our bedroom and Maia’s room. Lily’s we are leaving for the minute and bringing in colours with accessories – hard to decorate after personality when you are 7months old, where with Maia we know and she can tell us to an extent what she likes. Purple, purple and more purlpe hahaha. Oh I cant wait. Must get round to getting the renovation pictures up so you can see before during and after we move =)

Despite the incredible amount of snow that fell on sunday, yesterday was a very pleasant sunny day and today looks like its heading in the right direction too. Shame then, that we’re in the midst of potty training and Im a bit anti getting all the clothes on incase any accidents happen whilst out. It is -10C after all, and any little damp patches can get very brrrrrrr lol. Right, time to get brekkie on the go!

sun streaming through dining window yesterday


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