clothes crisis

When I was pregnant with Maia, we knew that by becoming parents we were going to have to sacrifice, give up and change a lot of things in our lives. ¨

My changing body? No problem. If anything, it made me feel more ok about myself, as now there was a genuine reason why I wasnt the toned statuesque high end specimen of the female form that I had wanted to be, but never found the motivation or dedication for. Once Maia was born and our wedding drew nearer, I was astonished how quickly I had gotten back to my pre pregnancy weight and that my tummy looked more like before than the mum-tum I had expected. Ideal.

Second pregnancy, and with it, a sugar craving. Still, no real body issues. At my heaviest in each pregnancy I weighed 86kgs. Thats ok. But the one thing now, with hindsight, I wish someone would have told me, or suggested I do, was to save for my POST pregnancy wardrobe. I wish it was something that I had thought of between pregnancy 1 & 2. Bugger.

It seems like an utterly shallow problem. Ofcourse the only thing that matters is that your children are happy and healthy, and that you have a good support network around you, and if in a relationship, that that too is happy and healthy and weathers the strains in early parenthood. It feels almost forbidden to me, and selfish, to feel that it matters how I look too. Because who really cares? Your looks certainly do not reflect on your ability to parent, and perhaps I am damaged along with so many others with thinking that my appearance has some importance in this world?

At first, I was a little bemused, that in the interval between having Maia and falling pregnant with Lily, I got down to a stone less than what I weighed before. And yet, my clothes and especially trousers/jeans, did not fit. A stone less and they are still too tight!? Really? UNFAIR.

So fast forward to today, and I am in a pickle. The majority of clothes in my wardrobe are pre children, and altough not proper maternity wear, things that were bought with a growing bump in mind. In other words, items somewhat lacking in the form fitting, and unable to flatteringly silhouette my new body and making me look and feel good. The odd new bits that have been brought when not pregnant are ones for quick fixes and poor quality (that means cheap haha) and lose their shape and are about as shapeless as can be. Because once those precious little darlings are here, your well earned pennies are spent and prioritised on other things.

Todays advice friends, is plan for post baby wardrobe, not just new prams cots and teeny weeny outfits only good for a week. For I would really like for you to not feel as crap about yourselves as I do today. But fear not, my ever wonderful boss gave me a bonus yesterday so I am off to the shops to buy a new dress 😉

Happy Easter, and hope u all have a good one =)


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