Easter weekend

I am getting seriously fed up with the photo uploader here on blogger.  Incredibly, utterly and completely peeved with it too. It just does *NOT* work.. The past few days I have spent HOURS waiting for pictures to upload and they never do.

So my lovelies, you’ll have to use those pretty little heads of yours and imagine us enjoying Easter. Starting Good Friday evening off with 2 bowls of crisps. some popcorn, little bowl of sweets, candles and a cuppa. Good TV in the way of Vampire Diaries and Game of Thrones. Perfect. Being married to the wonderfully amazing man that I am, it is very easy to forget about the days of a few drinky-poos down the pub, and look forward to the cosy *Fredagsmys* as per swedish tradition.

And in keeping with a new, unwelcomed tradition, this Easter is the second year running we are unwell. Last year we all had a sickness bug. This year, an irritating, lingering, energy zapping cold. Mark who had planned on working some more yesterday to get our new flat finished sooner was laid in bed until it was time for easter lunch and I came back to pick him up. Didums. The kids & I had fun though, egg painting and going for a walk with grandad, great uncle Simon and Skyedog. I even fitted in a bit of sunbathing on Ma&Pa’s patio, albeit with my wintercoat on, hood over my head (for snuggly factor mind, NOT cold) and a blanket (again, MYS factor). Dont tell anyone, but I even made like a pensioner and had a kip there and then, sitting in the sun lounger dressed as I was. Mad, but very very calming and relaxing. There is a lot to be said about fresh air and sleeping outside, and if my 20mins powernap is anything to go by, its not very hard to see how or why children benefit so much for sleeping outside in their prams as long as possible.

That is my humble opinion anyways 😉 More fresh air on the agenda today I dont doubt, but at the mo the mercury is showing -6C but its blue skies and bright sun which is amazing. Hoping to fit in a trip to the DIY store and get the wallpaper for our bedroon and paint for Maia’s. Then soon, maybe towards the end of the week, I can start slowly moving stuff upstairs to the new flat. I have to say, it feels rather luxurious and less stressful moving within the same building haha.


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