DIY Queen

This is my excited face! You can tell cant you, that I am mustering all my enthiusiasm and energy for when Mark returns from his errand and we’re skip hopping it up the stairs to the flat and decorating our bedroom.

And guess what? Miss L got her bedroom decorated too. Mamma got all creative yesterday and we’ve now mde feature walls in their bedrooms and not just by painting one a different colour…intrigued? Well blame blogger or my rubbish internet connection as I still cant get pics uploaded haha.

Today we’ve been for fika with the JG’s, another swenglish family, and as always, we had a fabulously chilled out, fun and relaxing time. Yes, 3 kids, 1 cafe, and 4 parents catching up on the gossip actually worked out rather well. No tantrums and no owners asking us to leave lol. Not that that has ever happened, but I sometimes still struggle with the adaption from the English to Swedish way of life. Sweden is more accepting of kids in public places than the UK I would say. But yea.

 Oh, and just so you know, yesterday ended better than I had expected and I went to bed all fuzzy and glowing with love and pride and calmness. I am so proud of my girls, they and Mark are my whole world. Thought I’d mention that incase you were wondering if I’d been carted off somewhere haha. It was just a string of moments lasting until the late afternoon when Lily went for her sleep and I got a chance to catch my breath 😉

Hope everyone had a great Easter Weekend! Mucho love xx


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