thrilling tuesday…

Mamma & Maia mys now that Lily is snoozing. Today, its snowing. Blimmin ridiculous! I’d rather have a months worth of Devon rain than this. Im so over it lol.

Today we arent going very far. In the midst of potty training, bad weather and lots of clothes, going outside isn’t very appealing. So instead, its cuddles on sofa (sitting on one of them waterproof sheets haha), painting, a bit of tidyin, reading and lunching. Then this afternoon, going to pick up washing from mums, have a cuppa and come home to do dinner. Then bath and put the kids to bed. Maybe read another book somewhere in that list too. Who knows. What a thrilling day my friends!

The decoarating went rather fab, and all but the kitchen/diner is now finished upstairs. I do believe there is some wallpapering to be done, kitchen units to paint, fridge and freezers to be built in and new floor laid. Not too bad than haha. Hopefully 2 weeks time we will have moved!

However well it did go and end up looking in our bedroom,  husband and I can never work together as a painting and decorating team. Im too impatient and he is too meticulous. Such a perfectionist. That isnt a problem really, but it is when  I seriously over estimated how *fun* it would be, and therefore was in a grump. Poor suffering husband 😉


2 thoughts on “thrilling tuesday…

  1. Patricia - Mamma till Wilja & Novalie

    Folk kan nog ha problem med att de faktiskt FINNS de som tar an sina obiologiska på de viset som Linus föräldrar har gjort. Det kan handla om svartsjuka eller ren ilska! Oavsett vad, så är det inget jag ska bry mig om. Jag vet vilken tur jag haft som fått in dom i mitt liv! Mer kan jag inte begära. Då spelar inga ord som helst någon roll. Tack för dina fina ord som du lämnade inne hos mig ❤ Kramar!


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