on the move

Now if only, I could get the kiddies to stay like this all day; that is, still, playing and not fighting. Or maybe I should say disturb eachother. Its not like its fisticuffs at dawn…
Anyhoo, not moving next week/weekend. Moving the likes of now. All cleared out and done by tuesday. FINALLY! But, at the same time, “oh balls”. Im not very organised, quelle surprise!

I dont think that it matters too much that I am utterly disorganised this time. We are after all, only moving upstairs haha. Geewizz, easier moves will be hard to come by! It means that we can literally jsut take drawers out of the chest and move things up bit by bit rather than take-from-drawer-into-box-into-same-drawer-again-after-just-a-flight-of-stairs. Much easier.

The only annoying this is finding a new suitable home for paperwork and all the odds and sods that still havent got a proepr home since we unpacked them 18months ago. We have masses of storage still upstairs but we are losing one rather large built in unit, that is the very definition of organised chaos and all new odds and sods that I have accumelated since our arrival in swedenland has also ended up there. Only myself to blame I know, and there is no way in hell I want Mark to sort it out (or himself wanting to for that) as we tend to see differently on what things to keep and what to throw. Also sorting out the girls wardrobe, what can/cant/will/wont be used even if its in the right sizes etc etc- 2months maketh enough of a difference in certain sorts of clothes for the ages and seasons.

Mr Practicality would probs keep it all and I would store half.  I love how different me and Mark can be, yet how well it works for us. Bless, we do drive eachother round the bend a few times a week haha. How different are you and your partner? One practical the other not so? One good with money, the other constantly shopping lol?

TGI Friday! Have a fab weekend everyone! Keep you updated with pictures ❤


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