greetings from the other side

well, we have done it now, all moved in and settled bar 4 smallish boxes that need to be unpacked. I think I might try and get that done today. If I can call unpacking fun, then it most certainly is that when faced with three ikea bags of ironing instead – having done 2 bags of ironing last night, I feel somewhat unenthusiastic to start the day the way it ended yesterday.

Speaking of end of days, Lily went into her own bedroom last night, and even if it wasnt as successful as the previous night when daddy left us in bed and took up the sofa, it was still better than the nights we have had as a threesome in our room. The motto ” Keep Calm & Carry on” springs to mind, and is somewhat of a mantra at The Wilson’s at the moment. Incredible the effect of sleep.


 Wonderful news on Miss Maia! If any of you missed it on facebook, Maia has been given an almost all clear!
We saw her doctor on tuesday, and to be honest, I went there fearing the worst. Since her cortisone injections 5 weeks ago her knee still cant straighten out 100% and I was convinced that she was going to need immune suppressants (meaning then that any colds infections could make her actually quite ill, and there would be a lot of time of work needed). But lo and behold, her bloods were as good as could be, no signs of infection or inflammation in her body, and now we are to finish her course of meds she is already on and then stop them and see how it goes over the summer and if it flares up again when the cold arrives. Maia will also be getting physio for her knee as its stiffness due to lack of proper use since October that is causing her to not be able to use it properly =)

In other news, terrible two’s and the constant testing from Maia is tiring, but also intriguing. Intriguing for seeing this little person finding her feet in the world, becoming her own person and exploring everything and anything around her. Her vocab seems to have expanded tenfold in just a few week, and she’s making little sentances (though not usually more than 3/4 words). The day of hotly debating what to wear/eat draws ever near! Actually, we already to debate food. All she wants is “doooooosss” (smörgås/sandwich). My favourite word of hers at the mo is “apelpin” (apelsin/orange) for the way she crinkles up her nose when she says it and her tone of voice lol. My wonderful, fantastic little terror ❤


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