Hi, Im a stressoholic

I dont think I have ever felt so stressed in my life. Like, ever.

All stressful things are over, done,dusted and gone! No boxes to pack/unpack, Maia healthy (Lily too for that). Oh well. Its’s life, so its just a case of getting on with it eh. Thank god then, for parents who come and take darling daughters to the park to give me half hour breathing space. Bliss.

Finally, all boxes are unpacked. And its looking very homely and I love it. The fan above the cooker installed, and the dishwasher in place awaiting to be plumbed in. Maia’s room has been rearranged and toys have been sorted out. Shelf up in our bedroom and new gorgeous wall lights in place. Baked some cookies, hoovered, done paperwork and washed the kitchen cupboard doors, again. Awfullly dusty drilling into tiles haha. (By the way, thats not all today, but since last post šŸ˜‰ )

 Oh, and those 6 (!) Ikea bags of irnoning have been done. I now have two new bags full to get on with. The never ending joys of being independant and grown up. Cooking, cleaning and washing/ironing. I wonder how rich I have to be to get someone on a payroll to do those lovely tasks for me? Any ideas?

There. I feel a bit calmer now. Wonderfully therapeutic this blogging  business. Seeing my life in black and white somehow gets it to make more sense, which then in turn makes me realise that actually, things arent as bad and stressy as maybe I think, and that really, I am surrounded by a ton of wonderful people and things that I ought to be very grateful for. And I most definately am ā¤


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