mamma time

I fear my friends, that I have stepped into an alternate reality. You see, I have not one, but two sleeping daughters, at the same time. This hasnt happened this year (I’m 99.9% sure atleast). The fact that Maia has slept 6/7days at lunch is as perplexing to me as the Universe being unending. So used to not gettin that hour…

I realised something this morning too. A sudden, but peaceful and kinda fun thought (fun in the sense of you have to laugh at yourself as you never thought you’d find yourself in such a situation) but I quite like the just before 5am wake up calls with Maia. I mean, its bright outside. We get lots of snuggles just us, I can drink tea in peace, plan the day, and feel like I am being a lazy cow and not just rush rush rushing around to start the day at a sensible time. Only taken 6months! But it makes for easier living I guess when you go with the flow rather than fight the inevitable.

So what then, am I doing? Well, I am taking the time to browse the web, getting inspiration for fixing up things at home, drinking tea and eating a small slice of cake. Perfect. Having spotted some fabulous armchairs for the dining table, I am trying to hunt a pair down second hand online first, as I dont like to just fork out 700kr/each plus 495kr delivery from Ikea. I would rather then wait, until Ikea gets built here in Umeå (give me time to save, rather than just splurge), or I find preloved ones. I must admit, I have a penchant for pre-loved things ❤

here chairy chairy chair, come to Mamma! inspiration IKEA

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