weekend in pictures

Pizza baking, coffee jug smashing, mischief making and goofing around sums up our weekend pretty darn good. We even discovered the lillies Mark brought me have sprouted crayons. Must be a strange new cross breed especially developed for families so that they may  never run out of crayons. Bloody crayons. I can buy 5packs in one go and in less than a week I wont even get 5 together. Its like with tumble dryers and socks…where the hell do they go!?

Anyhoo…the M’s are out watching football, Lily is already in bed and I have changed into myskläderna and chillin’ with yet another cuppa tea. Didnt quite get the complete free time this afternoon/evening as was planned, as both kiddies were supposed to be goin to the football, but after having both ladies out snoozing for a little more than two hours today I do feel that I have had a wee break, which was ever so delightful. Nothing more gorgeous than sleeping babas for a barrel load of reasons haha 😉

Hmmphh…wonder how Mark will take the news I smashed his coffee jug. He’s already bit put out that I put the machine away rather than have it out on show to make it looks less cluttered. We (read Mark) dont drink that much coffee, so the kettle and microwave are all that are needed IMO. I guess coming back to a clean kitchen and tidy house will have to suffice. HA its his turn to do the ironing too tiihiiihii. Blimmin hate the ironing, I ought to just not really.

How many of you iron your clothes??


3 thoughts on “weekend in pictures

  1. Anonymous

    Nooooo kim..you need to get out more…:-) you are a rare breed indeed. Ironing is just pointless don't do it I think Amy irons once a year and probably only one thing..I never iron (only bed shets if guests are coming) Tinkydebsta xx

  2. Amy

    Yep…ironing is for loosers kimbo! Think how much tea drinking/cake eating/shopping/gossiping could be done in that time 🙂 shake and fold girl, shake and fold 🙂


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