lazy breaskfast

Well, well, well, haven’t we been enjoying a bit of reverting back to the teens this weekend! Oh bum, its not the weekend is it, its blinkin Tuesday ha ha. Well anyhoo friends, today in Sweden, its a bank holiday, hence my confusion as it feels rather weekendy here πŸ˜‰

So what, you ask, have we been up to? A sleep over! Gosh I really cant remember the last time I had a friend stay over?? Yes, LOUISE, this is a dig at you! Fancy being in Germany with yer hot sunny weather than here in the ever cold north lol. But yes, a sleep over, with the ever fantastic and wonderful Wattses. Not only did we get a bit of grown up time and some alcohol down us (I had one glass before anyone jumps on ”everyone” drinking, twas white wine spritzer at that), but M&L slept the best they have had in months. I begged Astrid to stay another night ha ha, but they do have a life too, and I ought not to drag others onto this sinking ship πŸ˜‰

It really is incredible what a lazy breakfast and a morning trip to the park can do to uplift the day. Having gotten some much needed GO I have been playing the dutiful housewife and sorting washing, got rubbish odd bits out of Lily’s room and read LOTS of bedtime stories. A whole hours worth. Inbetween washing, tidying and potty training (no accidents for almost a week now!) we also had 2/3 JG’s come over for fika. Poor mamma Milla’s got her nose to the grindstone finishing her phD, and was caught at the desk today. Next time me lovely! It will be nice to see you =)

Oh, and much to my delight, I have found a folder I had saved with some renovation pics, probs in anticipation of issues with the xtreamer, so I will be gettin stuck into that post shortly. Tomorrow its off to work, and I cannot wait. But first, lots of lovely zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Lily at breakfast

Maia wanted to help with the washing, but realised it wasn’t so much fun after all….


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