hi ho hi ho its off to work I go

Mamma is enjoying a bit of extra Lily time this morning as I am not starting work til noon. Yay for a chilled out morning and lazy getting ready, boo for very long evening work. Well I say boo, its only boo if I miss Grey’s tonight, now that we have finally gotten the tv sorted after TWO weeks. We have also sorted out and ordered the internet, so once we get the xtreamer/etrayz boxes plugged in to an actual box thing what the internet comes through ( cant remember the word in swedish or english) I can show you the Before renovation pics and it will give me a chance to tidy up to show some smart After ones haha. Lived in look is great and the standard here, I cant live in a so called show home. But it would be nice to have some pics showcasing our apartment in all its lovely glory.

Anyways, husband back from shop, me ready to head out the door. One of the biggest perks of being a hairdresser is that you can go to work and do your hair, or even have others do it for you. Saves time and effort in the morning and leaves me less likely looking like a worn out mama who’s tried to hard on the run to nursery and now more resembles a disheveled drinker from Union Street on a saturday night, than the yummy glamorous working mamma that was intended. I am not claiming to be either by the way haha, just paiting a picture of words 😉 Right then, off I go! Toodlepip and happy hump day, all smooth riding from today to the weekend, woop woop!


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