busy morning & definition of stupid

This is what the definition of stupid looks like this sunny Thursday. I have double booked myself quite spectacularly.

1. Maia needs to be at nursery 8.45am – usually takes about ten mins leaving Maia as I stay nattering to the staff as they are so lovely.
2. Next, MOT in Umeå, about 20mins drive away at 9.20am. First I need to find Matilda’s place in Teg, somehere I  NEVER drive, but having the head that I have for directions I am 90%sure I can atleast get to her street haha.
3. Opticians at 9.30am for learning how to put in contacts that I am trying out for a few weeks.

Bit of a conondrum, eh. Well, that is where Matilda comes in, bless her cottons. We are picking her up, Lily & I, then they are dropping me off at Specsavers a bit early and then going to the MOT for me. All in all, a VERY busy morning until 10 am and then we are freeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee to enjoy the lovely sunshine and I’m hoping for a few extra degrees on yesterday so I can maybe sun this sickly pallour into a more normal complexion.

Right so thats my tea break over, cant believe I’ve had to schedule one of those in this morning lol – Cheerio!

Love how easy hair is to put up the day after curling it – saves time and look great 😉

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