early summers eve

I can almost smell the musty, sweet & earthy aroma of freshly cut grass. I can imagine the taste the cold refreshing glass of rose, feel the warmth of the midnight sun, and the comforting embrace of a soft throw. I can see myself in leggins and an over sized jumper, curled up in a chair on the balcony, the birds and crickets humming in the background. 

To say that I want summer now, would be an understatement. It feels tantalizingly close, seeing as we are in May and all, but the mercury doesnt fare much above the 10C mark, and even if it may come close, there’s a most bitter wind blowing. brrrrrr! What a weather forsaken place to be right now lol.

The Swedish summer is something to experience. As with all seasons in Sweden, making the most of the time of the year is always top priority. Did you know, that in Sweden there’s this thing called “Allemansrätt” which is basically a right to roam. You can pitch up a tent anywhere you so desire, pick the berries and mushrooms that grow, as long as you respect the nature, animals and other possible people in your vicinity. So what are you waiting for? Get a camper van, fill it with family and/or friends, and head on over this way. You will not be disappointed.

Now ’tis the time for a cuppa and curling up on the sofa with the husband. Friday has come round super quick, and for once we start the weekend without any plans…it feels rather strange but good =)


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