4m, really?!

This is what 4am looks like. It would be almost pretty, if it weren’t for the fact that I had a screaming toddler to attend to and try and make sure she doesnt wake the baby up. That I succeded in, atleast. Failed miserably at getting the toddler to sleep again. All because I gave her the ”wrong” dummy. I swear, those things are sent from the devil himself and he is having a whale of time laughing at the choas it leaves us parents to deal with. Smug git. I think it is time for them all to just magically disappear. *P*O*O*F*

It shall be interesting to see how the rest of today goes...no doubt Maia will collapse around 14.00 and want to sleep for several hours and we will have another tantrum when we wake her up until she goes to bed. Which, because she is in said tantrum, mean routine will go to pot and perhaps we will have her settled by 9pm. If we are lucky. And that is not taking into consideration Lily being woken up.

She’s another kettle of fish altogether. I realized last night I am very quick off the mark to run into her room to sooth her or give her a bottle when she wakes, as we are terrified she will wake Maia up who then wont sleep. Vicious circle, I believe it is called. 

How to break that circle without causing too much disruption to the rest of the household?


2 thoughts on “4m, really?!

  1. Kommer ihåg så tydligt när jag svarade åt dig, satt hemma hos mamma och pappa och för en gångs skull så sov Lionel! 🙂 tiden går fort! det har verkligen hänt massor; och blivit så mycket enklare med allt!trevlig helg!

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