friday fun

“Miiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiin Adjan! Miiinnnn!”     Translate : My Adrian! Miiiiiiinnnneeee!

To say Maia likes playing with Adrian is an understatement. There is about 4weeks between them in age, and they are into the same sort of things. It is incredible how easy a time me and Linda get it with these two together – stick them in a room and they just get on with it. No fighting, pushing or whining. Until yesterday that is…

It was the classical scenario haha. Each child going in a different direction when trying to cross the road and get to the shop. Little ones in the prams screaming blue murder too, not wanting to just sit still (there is 3weeks diff in Lily and Elias). And all along the walk, trying to get them to hold hands or walk by eachother ended up being a shove here and an almost kick there as both were over tired and hadnt slept ( Maia was up at 4am remember lol and this in the afternoon) . Once in the shop, they were both super quick to gobble up some sweets from the open pick&mix display, and the already sour shop assistant was starting to develop a twitch with them ”running” around. I must say tho, this shop was small, and it would be crowded with the cashier and ONE other person, let alone 2 adults, 2 toddlers and 2babies. Ha. Bet she was glad when we left 😉

Well back indoors, a film, Emil i Lönneberga, went on. Classic Astrid Lindgren – nothing can be better! Takes me back I tell thee, takes me back….sentimental cow haha. With two big kids chilling, two babies taking it easy, mamma’s got some tea and pancakes and good old natter, and we left tired, happy and relaxed. Perfect!

Maia and I ended the day as it started , together. Some reading in bed and then snuggles in bed that made me  fall asleep, and Mark woke me at 20.30. Promptly walked from her bed into ours and then got up at 6am! Lily got up the once, Maia none. Feeling very refreshed today! Just a shame Marks been called out to work already for a leaky roof…at 6.15am poor sod!


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