sunday spruce-up

Good Sunday Morn’ to you all! 

A somewhat sunny Sunday morning, and I am in housewife mode – I want to clean, preen, puff and fluff my way around the house today. I want it to sparkle & shine without being overbearingly neat (so not me). You could say I was in the mood for a spring clean, but having just moved here 3 weeks ago, the house isnt all that much in need haha. No, its more of a case of the houseproudiness of just having moved in has worn off, and the daily clutter of things have become the norm again.

Dear Husband is still asleep, and Lily is down for her nap. At 5am Maia tip toed into our room wanting help to get undressed so she could go potty, and after that there was no going back to bed. Lily Lightsleeper woke up ofcourse, but we’ve had lots of giggles on the floor practicing commando crawling and getting up on our knees. How my little Lilypops has grown ❤

Yesterday I felt the urge to try and snap a nice new family portrait, what with planning on actually printing and putting some pics up lol. I had thought that it could be the Piece d’resistance on our wall, but instead it turned into a masterclass in what NOT to do….hmmm. Dont worry, I will be posting a guide to make sure you do not repeat the mistakes we made 😉

What are you all up to this sunday? Are you going outside for adventures, or staying in and being crafty? Perhaps just crashing on the sofa and chilling out?

One thought on “sunday spruce-up

  1. Anonymous

    Kim..Today is Sunday, you will NOT clean your house, it is sinful to do will go out and have some fun..that's an order..ok? 🙂 Debbie x


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