Happy monday

Some mornings are made to make you happy. Like today, and despite the fact that it is a monday. Its quite hard to be miserable when we actually had some snow on saturday and today we have this glorious sunshine and blue skies. And isnt the last picture above  a fantastic view to have from my bedroom?? hehe. 

Another action packed day it is then. Currently awaiting playdates to arrive in a few hours. Yesterday we had the JG’s and SA’s (shorthand hyphanated surnames lol) here for fika and it was a mad 2.5 hours with five kids running around, but all in all it went rather smooth. Practicing for when Kerry & the Girls arrive in 3.5 weeks! I cant blimmin wait ❤

Having to jump in the shower with  Maia, who is just terrified of the thing, I ended up washing my hair last night and thought that I would try out sleeping in my rollers to save time this morning….and lo! It was not as uncomfortable an experience as I was expecting and I slept rather well in fact. That ever wonderful husband of mine even got up with the kidlets this morning and let me lie in until 7am. *HEAVEN*

Anyhoo, off I go to straighten things out after yesterdays escapades. Didnt do all that much after our guests left, it was a case of dinner shower and then bed for all but Daddy.

How are you spending your monday? Have you a busy week ahead?


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